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Levis Men's IRR 500 range jeans assortments 24pcs. [500LevisIRR]

Levis Men IRR 500 range jeans assortments 24pcs.
To include all 500 series denim jeans. Merchandise is marked as slight irregular.

IRR to include: Minor mill flaws such as pulls in the fabric, skipped needle on hem, small shade differences, sewn fabric slub, pulls, missed threads, repaired belt loops. Each pair may have a joker panel on the rear pocket that will indicate on sticker where QC found these not to be 1st quality. Expect all tags to be removed.  All inner labels/tags will be intact.
Still a perfect item at a perfect price. Each assortment of 24pcs is different. Stock is put into a retail assortment based on our current ownership of goods at time of shipping.  Mixed washes, sizes, colors per each pack.
This makes a great men's presentation of Levis for retail.

Msrp $44.00-$74.25ea.
Sizes: Mixed per each case pack. 28-44
Case pack: 24pcs.
Cost: $17.10each
Photos are used for display purpose only. Each assortment is different.

This order is sold in confidence. There are no refunds, exchanges of any kind. All goods are sold as described & all sales are final.

Sample photos of some past shipments to our customers.
Offer number: OF2016116262
Brand: Levis
net price: 410.40 USD
Unit: 24
Quantity in package: 24
packaging: 24
Minimum order quantity: 24
Delivery Time: 3-5 Days

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