MDC-K400 Square and Round Billet Taper Measuring Instrument

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MDC-K400 Square and Round Billet Taper Measuring Instrument



The product description

The square, rectangular and round billet taper measuring instrument adopts high-precision displacement sensor as the measuring element, which has high precision and good repeatability. The measuring trolley ensures that the measuring sensor is in the correct position.

The round copper tube taper measuring instrument ensures that the sensor is located at the diameter of the measuring section circle. Due to the characteristics of the round copper tube, one measurement action can measure multiple physical quantities on the copper tube section.

The square billet taper measuring instrument can arrange measuring points in four directions and can measure straight or curved surfaces respectively, while the rectangular billet taper measuring instrument needs to install six measuring points to measure the taper of multiple faces at the same time.


The product features

1. Use a high-precision vector displacement sensor

2. Battery powered, compact and flexible, easy to carry and use, strong anti-interference ability

3. Use wireless communication function and CRC check technology to ensure no error code and accurate signal transmission

4. SPI all-digital interface, programmable 16-bit A/D converter, with program-controlled digital filtering and program-controlled lossless amplifier inside, fully meeting the measurement requirements

5. High-power rechargeable battery, long standby time, suitable for on-site use of mobile operations

6. The measuring body and the display instrument are connected by wireless WIFI communication, which is easy to use


The performance and index

1. Measurable copper pipe length is more than or equal to 1200mm, the measurement range of straight surface and arc surface displacement is 0-10mm, and the measurement cavity size can be customized according to user needs

2. The measuring range of straight face and arc face displacement is 0-10mm, and the measuring accuracy is less than or equal to 0.01mm

3. It can measure single taper, multi-taper, parabolic taper, continuous data acquisition, and continuous working time not less than 72 hours

4. Use wireless WIFI communication technology and CRC verification technology to ensure no error code and accurate signal transmission

5. Operating temperature of the product: -25℃~+85℃

6. Power supply: 12V rechargeable battery, continuous measurement time is no less than 16 hours, standard USB interface


The components of the product

1. A set of measuring trolley

2. Dedicated charger

3. Portable computers and wireless transceivers

4. Data processor discriminating software

5. Calibrator

6. Integrated transceiver system