MDC-K120 Slab Mold Taper Measuring Instrument

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MDC-K120 Slab Mold Taper Measuring Instrument




The taper of the narrow face of the mold has an important influence on the quality of the casting billet. Excessive taper will cause the mold to squeeze the billet shell, and a small taper will increase the air gap. With the continuous increase of the requirements of the casting billets quality and the continuous introduction of high-precision molds, the current taper measuring instrument in the domestic market generally have low measurement accuracy and complex measurement methods, which restrict the development of production.

The new-generation taper measuring instrument developed by Wuhan CenterRise M&C Engineering Co., Ltd. adopts imported high-precision inclination sensor, combined with ultra-low power consumption processor, which can quickly and accurately measure the actual taper value of the narrow copper plate of the mold. The instrument is fully functional, easy to use and suitable for slab molds of various lengths.

Most of the current slab molds are single-taper, a narrow flat copper plate. The taper value required for production can be achieved by adjusting the angle between the narrow copper plate and the direction of gravity. The taper measuring instrument directly measures the angle between the narrow copper plate and the direction of gravity. According to habits and production needs, the angle is converted into the value of one-sided shrinkage of the upper and lower ports.


The main features

1. Easy to calibrate, stable performance, easy to operate

2. Self-supporting, self-aligning, self-balancing

3. High measurement accuracy

4. LCD data reading

5. Fast response, real-time display reading

6. Adjustment of dynamic intelligent system

7. Lithium battery power supply, suitable for on-site use of mobile operations

8. The continuous measurement time is more than 36 hours

9. The sensor adopts multiple protections to meet the needs of on-site harsh environment measurement

10. The weight of the whole system is less than 3.8 kg, and it is equipped with a set of zero-point calibration table, which is convenient for on-site installation and measurement

11. Applicable to various arc, parabolic and straight molds


The performance and index

1. Measuring range: -3°~ +3° (measurement length can be customized according to users’ needs)

2. Measurement accuracy: 0.01mm

3. Temperature range: -25℃~+85℃

4. Linearity deviation: -0.03mm ~ + 0.03 mm

5. The longest usage time after fully charged: > 36 hours

6. The longest storage time after fully charged: 2 months


The main components

1. Measuring instrument: central measurement and control unit, measuring sensor

2. Measuring stand

3. Standard table: standard surface, support frame, spirit level