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MAC-G350 Automatic Mold Flux Feeding Machine

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MAC-G350 Automatic Mold Flux Feeding Machine



The MAC-G350 automatic mold flux feeding system is a mold flux feeding equipment that adopts the method of pneumatic transmission flux feeding. This method can place the charging bin in a centralized manner and can carry out charging operation simultaneously for one machine and many continuously cast products. It is convenient and stable to use. According to different steel grades, casting speed, vibration and other process parameters, the system can analyze and calculate the accurate mold powder addition amount through intelligent software. Then the system sends out signals to control the mold powder addition process and mold flux addition amount, and designappropriate nozzles and propellers according to the fluidity of molten steel in the mold and the ductility of mold flux. After the system setting is completed, there is no manual intervention is required. It completely replaces the whole process of manual addition of mold flux and realizes the automation of mold flux addition.


The features and functions of the system


1. According to the process requirements of automatic mold flux adding and the needs of production requirements, the system can automatically supply mold flux to the mold on the basis of different sectionssteel grades, casting speed. The system can automatically control the amount and time of adding powder during the mold flux addition process and can maintain the physical state of the mold flux during usage time without any break. The mold flux addition process is even and stable. The powder filter screen is provided to avoid the blockage of the system due to foreign matter.


2. The system controls the amount of flux according to the factors such as casting speed, steel grademold flux material, etc. The adjustment is very convenient without any manual intervention. The system has manual, automatic, local and remote control modes.


3. The casting speed signal is used and the amount of adding mold flux can be automatically adjusted according to the casting speed. The mold flux can be added timely and evenly, which can improve the quality of the billet and reduce labor intensity.


4. The amount of the mold flux addition process is accurate and adjustable, which can maintain the even distribution of the mold flux layer in the mold. The system adopts the motion control technology of the robotic arm, so that the translation mechanism of the mold flux feeding device can realize a specific pause and movement, so as to meet the requirements of the mold flux consumption in each part of the mold and not to interfere with other automatic control liquid level signals on the mold.


5. The equipment is designed according to the actual space of the site with strong operability, simple and convenient maintenance, and low maintenance cost. The design of the translation mechanism of the mold flux feeding device is ingenious and compact, which is also small in size and light in weight. It does not affect the work of changing the nozzle and driving tundish car.


6. The charging bin device has its own baking device to keep the mold flux dry at 0-150 ° C. Each bin is equipped with a flux level detection and alarm device. When it is lower than the set material level, it will automatically alarm and request to add materialEach equipment has 5 storage bins with storage volume of 1m3 each (can be customized according to customer needs).


7. The equipment can be set to manually control the charging of one or more of the charging bin, or it can be set to automatically control the charging of the charging bin in sequence. The operation mode is flexible and convenient.


8. It has a special anti-blocking nozzle and backflushing design to overcome the phenomenon of pipeline blockage.


9. Different mold flux addition coefficients can be set according to different steel grades and sections to realize automatic adjustment of mold flux addition amount.


10. The mold flux adopts the conveying method. The nitrogen or dry compressed air can be used. The robot arm motion control technology is adopted to realize the precise control of the mold flux feeding mechanism.



The technical parameters

1. Mold width of continuous casting machine: width 100mm2000mm

2. Mold thickness of continuous casting: thickness 50mm/500mm

3. Working casting speed range of continuous casting machine: 0.1m/min2.7m/min

4. Power conditions: 220V/50Hz;

5. Feeding translation speed: 0-100mm/s

6. Traverse stroke of single mold flux nozzle: 300-700mm

7. mold flux feeding rate: 0.25~2.0 l/min

8. Storage bin volume: single 1m3

9. Transmission method: pneumatic conveying

10. Delivery gas: nitrogen

11. Storage bin heating range: 0-150 degrees Celsius

12. Storage bin stirring method: motor stirring

13. Installation method: fixed storage bin, mobile feeding machine

14. Control mode: local/remote control, automatic/manual mode

15. Speed interlock control mode: 4-20mA

16. Control technology: robotic arm motion control technology