LGK-JS03 Mould Breakout Prediction System Thermocouple Calibrator

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LGK-JS03 Mould Breakout Prediction System Thermocouple Calibrator



LGK-JS03 Mould Breakout Prediction System Thermocouple Calibrator is a patented product of Wuhan CenterRise M&C Engineering Co., Ltd. It is a special equipment specially developed for off-line detection of mold breakout prediction thermocouples. This calibrator has the advantages of high test accuracy, reliable data, light weight, portable and easy to use. It can fully meet the needs of on-site installation testing and use process verification. It is an essential tool for on-site online testing. This kind of calibrator is first produced in China and plays a leading role all over the world.

The detection principle

In the process and normal production of mold thermocouple offline installation in mold breakout prediction system, LGK-JS03 mould breakout prediction system thermocouple calibrator is an automatic special instrument for thermocouple detection. The system simultaneously measures the wide surface inner arc, wide surface outer arc and narrow surface of the mold through a special embedded signal processing system. The 128 thermocouple sensors can be scanned on one side at most, and the current thermocouple status is displayed in real time on the LCD panel of the calibrator.


The function of the system

1. Using digital dynamic measurement technology, it can measure up to 8x16 thermocouple arrays’ temperature at the same time

2. Realize full digital measurement

3. The system realizes automatic temperature compensation and automatic recording

4. Multiple modes of display output, providing a rich and complete human-machine interface

5. Provide single-point, cycle, multi-point display, and provide temperature rise detection and galvanic couple state judgment

6. On-line identification and diagnosis function, providing broken couple, short circuit and alarm functions

7. Can adapt to all breakout forecasting systems on the market

8. Support temperature field and temperature array detection at the same time

9. With print and storage function


The features of the system

1. Humanized human-computer interface

2. Multiple display modes

3. Convenient system settings

4. With historical data storage and printing functions

5. The system connection has a wide range of adaptability and supports the connection interface of all mold breakout prediction and detection systems in the market.

6. Specially designed heating system

7. Portable (built-in rechargeable battery)


The performance index


The measuring range

The optional parameters: -100℃-0℃-100℃-100℃-100℃-200℃0℃-100℃0℃-200℃0℃-500℃0℃-800℃0°C-1000°C100°C-200°C100°C-500°C200°C-1000°C;  500-100012 parameters in total. The default parameter is the measurement range of 0-200.

Adaptable sensor: J-type, K-type, T-type thermocouple


The detection accuracy

t<99.9℃ (±0.25% of reading)

t>999℃ (±0.2% of reading)


The detection range

Type J: -100℃-1000℃

Type K: -100℃-1000℃

Type T: -100℃-400℃


Working temperature: -10℃~60℃

Battery level indicatorsupport

Instrument size: 840x160x320cm

Instrument weight: 3700g