PLA degradation granulator

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Biodegradable material granulator

Biodegradable material granulator, PLA degradation granulator, environmental degradation material granulator

Biodegradable plastic midstream products mainly include tableware, film, film paper, express bag, clothing, plastic tape, etc. Downstream applications are mainly in packaging, agriculture, 3D printing, modern medicine, textile industry, etc. The main materials PLA, PBS, PBAT and PHA are the main development directions of biodegradable materials in the future. In the fields of packaging, textile and agricultural film, the consumption of PLA and PBS is the largest; In some high value-added fields, PHA is widely used in medical implant materials.

The price of biodegradable materials is very high, and the cost performance ratio is low when used alone in conventional fields. The cost can be reduced by adding cheaper materials, such as starch, plant fiber, inorganic fillers, etc

Biodegradable material granulator

Production process: powder activation treatment - pressure mixer - automatic elevator - forced feeder - single screw extrusion granulation equipment - air-cooled grinding surface hot cutting system - a total of 2 cyclone separators - stainless steel vibrating screen - product silo