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Hot Sell New Design Trapezoidal Toothed Rubber Industrial Timing Belt

Offer number:OF2023046777
packaging:cartons or bags
Minimum order quantity:50 pieces
Quantity available:100000
Delivery Time:To be negotiated
The transmission of synchronous belt is a new transmission mode and transmits the dynamic force by the meshing of the belt teeth and pul- ley,It combines respective advantages of gear transmission,chanin t- ransmission and belt transmission.

Industrial timing belt
Welcome to Xingtai Boshuo, our industrial belts are based on our knowledge and professional services, with 10 years of experience in the field of mechanical parts, industrial timing belts are one of our main products, we can do pu, rubber. .....and other materials. Our industrial belts can comply with ISO, GB standards. We can produce different types of industrial belts, and we can also accept OEM/ODM according to your requirements.

1.Top Rubber
To product the lining tensilemember
2.Tensile Member
To product the tensile member,maintain the shape of the rubber,and prevent the rubber from stretching
To product the tensile member and maintain the shape of the rubber.
4.Teeth Fabric
Excellent frictional resistancewhich prolongs the service life of products.