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Explosive Models Cheap Wholesale rubber toothed belt

Offer number:OF2023046791
packaging:cartons or bags
Minimum order quantity:50 pieces
Delivery Time:To be negotiated
The Top and bottom are encased by the wrapper ,Both sides are rubber v belt of tooth shape groove is designed for the bottom toimprove the flexural property

1. Top Fabric
 Protect the lining tensile member
2.embedding compound
 support and protect the adhensive force of the tensile member
3. Tensile Member(core cord)
 nuclear material to pass the dynamic force
4. Bottom Rubber
Maintain the shape of the rubber and improvelts side compression ability and wearebility
5. Bottom Fabric
 Absorb the impact and prevent crack of the core rubber

●  Large intensity ,High Fiexibility ,Good Durability 
●  Special bottom rubber used ,small elongation and long service life 
●  Excellent heat -resistance ,Oil -propt and wearing resistance 
●  High transmission efficiency 
●  suitable for band pulley with minor diameter a
●  safe performance can be guaranteed even during high -speed operation