Mould Online Width Adjustment and Taper Measurement

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Mould Online Width Adjustment and Taper Measurement



In order to meet the needs of producing various specifications of continuously cast products, shorten the time for replacing the mold, and improve the production capacity and production efficiency of the continuous casting machine, the mold online width adjustment system is the key technology for efficient continuous casting. The online mold width adjustment system enables the two narrow sides of the continuous casting slab mold to move inward or outward in small steps until the predetermined width is reached. During the production process, the adjustment of the molds width can be completed without stopping the machine. Generally, the online width adjustment of the mold needs to be connected with the online taper measurement of the mold. Only with adjustment and detection can the online adjustment range of the mold be accurately controlled.

The components of the system

Workstation: host system, system width adjustment control, taper detection.

On-site operation box: real-time display of the current control status, manual operation to adjust parameters.

Digital Electric Cylinder: Precise digital control of electro-hydraulic drive cylinder, which can achieve high-precision quantitative control.

On-line measurement of taper: Install it on the narrow-face copper plate of the mold, and monitor the taper of the narrow-face copper plate in real time. Cooperate with the detection feedback control of the width adjustment system, so as to achieve high-precision adjustment.

The technical parameters

Adjustable range: 0-1250mm (unilateral)

Control accuracy: 0.02mm/0.05mm/0.1mm

Step resolution: 0.01mm/0.02mm

Running speed: 0-10mm/s

Power: 3.5KWl

16-bit encoder: 65536 pulses

Weight: 25Kg

Shell: high-strength aluminum alloy