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BlueTi Eonthry Kapaet BT Calling Watch DK8MAX

Offer number:OF2023056798
Brand:BlueTi Eonthry Kapaet
Minimum order quantity:200
Delivery Time:7-25 days
Shenzhen Blueberl Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.
Chip: Realtek 8762D+BK3266
Color: Black, Silver, Rose gold
Dimension: 49*38*10.5MM
Compatible system: Android5.1+, IOS8.0+ 
FLASH memory: RAM128KB ROM64MB
Screen : 420*486IPS 2.16(real 1.96 240*282 IPS)
Touch type: Full touch + gesture + physical button
Bluetooth:5.0 Bluetooth Low Energy Chip
G-Sensor: SC7A20
Battery: Li-Po 350mAh(real 235MAH)
Product Languages: Multi languages
APP Languages: Multi languages