Walk In Salt Spray Chamber (Temperature Humidity Combine Salt Spray)

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JOEO Walk In Salt Spray Chamber is different from basic salt spray test chamber.Walk In Salt Spray Chamber exposes sample to a series of different environments in repetitive cycles that incorporate temperature , humidity, salt spray and dry. 
Accelerated corrosion test methods included ASTM B117, ASTM BG85, ISO9227, IEC60068-2-52, iec61701-2, ISO7253 and many others.If you need more models about our test equipment, please reference our chamber-testing(.)com 
Test Object: battery pack andsystem.
Refer GB/T4 part 5.5.2 test method, test according to GT/T2423.17 test conditions.
The salt solution was made up with sodium chloride (chemically pure and analytically pure) and distilled or deionized water,Its concentration is (5 + 1)% (mass fraction).
(35 ± 2) ℃, the measured pH value is between 6.5-7.2.
Placed the test objects in the salt spray chamber for cycling test. Each cycling duration for 24h. Spray salt solution to the test object for 8 hours under the temperature of (35± 2) ℃ , remain for 16 hours. Between the forth and the fifth hour in one cycles should be according to test requirement in GB/T 28046.1-2011, test mode with 3.2.
Total 6 cycles testing.
Salt Spray Chamber is not necessary for the test objects being installed in passenger, luggage or cargo compartments.
Temperature range expandable to -40 °C and to +80 °C
Shock and scratch-resistant interior surfaces thanks to glass-fiber reinforced plastic (GRP)
Saddle roof with an inclination of at least 30°
Corrosion-resistant indirect temperature controls
Psychrometric measuring system for temperature and humidity control
Heating elements to control test chamber temperature, with overtemperature protection
Ventilation device to flush the test chamber with fresh air
Walk in salt spray chamber space consists of sturdy, corrosion-resistant elements and has optimum insulation. An excellent mechanical stability is obtained thanks to an internal coating consisting of glass-fiber reinforced polyester and an external metal sheet covering. The joints of the test space will be well sealed so as to ensure a perfect, corrosion resistant sealing of the entire test space.
JOEO Walk in salt spray chamber In order to prevent droplets from dripping onto the specimens the test chamber has a pitched roof with a ridge midway along the chamber length, so as to ensure that the droplets drip down towards the lateral walls.
A circulation air duct with integrated heat exchangers for cooling/heating and externally-driven, circulating air fans are installed in the rear chamber wall for temperature and air-conditioning.
Walk in salt spray chamber all components installed inside the test chamber are made from corrosion-resistant plastic, the test specimens themselves are not influenced by potential corrosion caused by metallic components.
The plastic nozzles are firmly installed on the side walls. Salt solution and compressed air are routed to the spray nozzles via corrosion-resistant pipes. All components in contact with salt solution are made of corrosion-resistant plastic.
Salt spray chamberhas a ventilation device. After spraying tests with closed door the test space is purged with fresh air and the moist air or salt mist escapes via the exhaust vent. The required amount of fresh air is sucked out of the installation room via a duct fan. All parts in contact with salt solution are made of corrosion resistant plastic.